HTML / CSS Coding

We convert any design files (PSD, Sketch, AI, Adobe XD, Figma) into pixel-perfect, semantic, standards-compliant HTML/CSS templates. Code looking so good, you will want to bite a piece of it.

  • Hand-Coded
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fully Responsive
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What We Offer

Let’s bring some more value to the table. Here’s what you get by default.

Lifetime Support

Reliability is of utmost importance to us. If any bugs emerge in the future, even months or years later, just get in touch to get them fixed.

Responsive by Default

Optimization for tablets and mobile devices is nowadays our default. No designs? That’s fine. Our developers will handle it. It’s part of the deal.

Simple Animations

Things like simple carousels, tabs, accordions, sliders, lightboxes, popups, tooltips and burger menus are on us. You don’t even have to say it, we will add them.

CSS Framework Usage

Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Materialize, Skeleton. Just let us know which framework you need and we will use it. It doesn’t cost extra.

Retina Displays Optimization

As long as your designs use @2x sized images or SVG graphics, consider retina optimization done. You don’t even need to ask for it. And yes, it’s free.

Commented Markup

It’s worth mentioning you don’t have to ever again pay extra for commented markup. Get HTML and CSS so well commented, even a child can understand.

Easy to Integrate With Any CMS

Fully commented, handwritten, and well-structured code. We follow the best practices to make our code easily integrate with any CMS.

Own Coding Standards

We’ve developed our own internal coding standards which guarantee the same naming convention and HTML/CSS structure on every project.

Modern Browsers Compatibility

Pages we code look great on all modern browsers and devices. We rarely use simulators. We test our projects on real browsers and devices in our lab.


Using CSS preprocessors is part of our coding standards. We use them for all our projects. Just let us know which one is your favorite and we’ll use it.

Even More Features

We constantly strive to go beyond your expectations. Here is what more we can do for you and your clients.

Custom Animations

We can handle all your requests: from simple transition on hover to super complex parallax and movie-like animations.

Custom JavaScript Functionality

Complex form validations, API integrations, charts, Complicated tables. Whatever JavaScript functionality you need we can handle it.

Final Touches

We love to give more than requested. This is why sometimes you might see in your project, that cool effect you recently saw for inspiration.